Derksen Z Metal Buildings

Z Metal Buildings exterior Z Metal Buildings interior

Derksen Z-Metal buildings are Derksen's premium metal building. Our high quality 29 gauge metal is hung vertically in the style of a traditional metal barn or pole barn.

Available in a range of siding and trim colors, you can customize your building any way you want!

If you're looking for the best metal portable building available today, look no further than the Derksen Z-Metal building.

(Features, specifications and options may vary by state. See your dealer for details)

Wall studs are 24 inch on center, and DOUBLED under siding seams. This feature gives our buildings the same strength as 16 inch on center walls, but increases the seal of our buildings.

Floor joists are 2x6's in 10' and 12' withes, 16 inch on center and set into notched skids to prevent twisting.

Floor joists never span more than about 5 ft without being supported by a 4x6 skid. Floor Joists are 12 inch on center on all Garages.
  • Siding and trim 29 gauge high quality 30-year metal
  • Floor decking is 5/8 inch. Skids and floor joists on all buildings are pressure treated.
  • All buildings come with locks and keys.
  • High quality 30-Year Metal Roof
    • Rent to Own
    • Made in USA
    • Metal Roof Upgrade
    • Test of time
  • Z-Metal Cabin

    Z-Metal Cabin

  • Z-Metal Cottage Shed

    Z-Metal Cottage Shed

  • Z-Metal Deluxe Cabin

    Z-Metal Deluxe Cabin

  • Z-Metal Garage

    Z-Metal Garage

  • Z-Metal Lofted Barn

    Z-Metal Lofted Barn

  • Z-Metal Lofted Barn Cabin

    Z-Metal Lofted Barn Cabin

  • Z-Metal Side Lofted Barn

    Z-Metal Side Lofted Barn

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Shingle Colors

Shingle Colors
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