Top Hat Trailers

 Top Hat Trailers

Top Hat Trailers have been producing top quality trailers since 1983. They design trailers of all shapes, sizes and applications.

We carry Top Hat because of their quality and ability to meet almost any need. From small 4’x6’ Single Axle Trailers to 48’ Float Trailers with 30,000-pound capacity, they have it all.

Top Hat designs its trailers to be long-lasting and durable. Simply put: They provide the best trailers on the market and that’s why we carry them! All of Top Hat’s trailers are engineered for quality.

Do you need a gooseneck trailer, a UTV trailer, cattle trailer, dump trailer, or perhaps even a custom built trailer. We can help you find what you need. Contact us today and we’ll get you hooked up with the best trailers on the market.


Top Hat Trailer Line

  • Single Axle & ATV

    Single Axle & ATV

  • Tandem Axle & Landscaper

    Tandem Axle & Landscaper

  • Car Hauler

    Car Hauler

  • Heavy Duty Utility & Equipment

    Heavy Duty Utility & Equipment

  • Flatbeds/Deckovers


  • Hydraulic Dump

    Hydraulic Dump

  • Cattle


  • Specialty & Oilfield

    Specialty & Oilfield

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